Betting odds for J.J. Watt's services reveal the Seahawks are nowhere close


The NFL offseason is not even into a full week and things are already off to a hot start.

On Friday, The Houston Texans released star defensive end J.J. Watt, per NFL Insider Ian Rapoport.

Watt himself took to his social media to explain that this is something he wanted, granting his release from the organization.

The move isn’t surprising, Watt was due $17.5 million, none of it was guaranteed. 

The Texans weren’t really going to make any playoff runs this year anyway, so that was a lot of money to pay a 32 year old injured riddled veteran. Him wanting out to pursue a team that will make a run makes sense.

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So, who are the top teams in terms of betting odds on where Watt will be playing this season?

Our partners over at PointsBet already have odds out there as to where they think Watt will end up.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are at the top of the list with odds at +150. Also, his brother T.J. plays there, so there might be some incentive to head there already.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers are listed at +400, while the Baltimore Ravens are at +600 and the Chicago Bears at +700.

Sadly, PointsBet doesn’t have the Seattle Seahawks anywhere on this list as a spot that they see Watt going. Seattle has a lot of other things to worry about with the team.


A healthy Watt will be highly coveted across the league. He is still an impact player, and can be a helpful disruptor on any defensive line-- if he can stay healthy.

Here is a look at PointsBet’s odds for the teams to get J.J. Watt:

Pittsburgh Steelers: +150

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +400

Green Bay Packers: +400

Baltimore Ravens: +600

Chicago Bears: +700

Dallas Cowboys: +1100

New England Patriots: +1100

Los Angeles Rams: +1100

Buffalo Bills: +1100

Miami Dolphins: +1400

Cleveland Browns: +1400

Tennessee Titans: +1800

Sorry Seahawks fans...


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