Bill Belichick gets absolutely roasted for mask wearing technique


To beat the Seattle Seahawks, you have to channel the Seattle Seahawks.

At least that’s what New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick decided to do Sunday as the Patriots headed to Seattle in Week 2.

During the game, Belichick was seen on the sidelines with a unique mask look. Is Belichick wearing a beak? How about channeling his inner Darth Vader? Perhaps he’s just wearing his mask upside down?

NFL Twitter had some ideas.

Or maybe Belichick was just trying to look like Blitz.

Stylish looks must run in the Belichick family, as Bill’s son, Steve, was rocking a mullet hairdo. Twitter had some thoughts.

We live for this Sunday Night Football content, and honestly, what can you say? Like father, like son.

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