Bobby Wagner says Russell Wilson offseason drama was 'overblown'


Leading up the 2021 NFL Draft, and even a little beyond, the number one story around the NFL was Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his unhappiness with the franchise.

Wilson vocally aired frustrations with Seattle in terms of modernizing the offensive approach and giving him better pass protection, going as far as having his agent leak a list of teams he would approve a trade to, in the event he demands a trade.

That demand never came and he appears to be the Seahawks quarterback for at least 2021, however, Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner thinks it was "overblown" to begin with.

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"I think, honestly, it's part of how the league works. If you lose and don't go to the big game, they always try to figure out what went wrong, what happened," Wagner told USA TODAY Sports Friday.

"And so I think after Russell made a couple of those comments, I think it was an opportunity for a lot of people to run with it. 

"I definitely feel like it was a little overblown, but it's all water under the bridge now."

Regardless of if the saga was real or not, the Seahawks are prepared to make another Super Bowl run in 2021 with that drama in the rearview mirror.