Brett Favre endorses Jaguars choosing Darrell Bevell as next OC


In the Pete Carroll and John Schneider era, they have had three offensive coordinators since 2011.

Darrell Bevell, Brian Schottenheimer, and now Shane Waldron as of just a few weeks ago.

Bevell was a part of the Seahawks winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history, and Schottenheimer produced some of the most high-powered offenses in Seattle’s history.

And now, the two former Seahawks coordinators are together in Jacksonville with Urban Meyer as the head coach. Bevell being the offensive coordinator, while Schottenheimer is the passing game coordinator.

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Offensive coordinator is easily one of the more important jobs for an NFL organization. During Thursday’s press conference, Meyer gave some great reasons why Bevell is the man for Jaguars.

Meyer had never met Bevell in person before, but he did get a pretty food endorsement from a legend in the NFL.

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre.

Here is what Meyer said about Favre talking about Bevell being the right man for the job.

I called I don’t know, 10 people about Darrell — and Brett Favre, who I’ve known for quite some time, when he made a comment [saying], ‘That’s as good a coach as he’s ever been around, and by the way I had my best year with him in Minnesota.’ And he said, ‘Hire the guy.’ Brett Favre, the respect I think we all have for him, I listened closely.

Urban Meyer

Bevell and Favre got way back, actually. Bevell was with Green Bay from 2000-2005 as an assistant quarterback coach, and then a quarterback coach.

He was also with Favre in Minnesota from 2009-2010 as the offensive coordinator.

WhenFavre calls, you listen. And now Bevell will have a chance to help Meyer rebuild the Jaguars from the ground up.


With the No.1 pick in their hands for the NFL draft, it is expected that the team will draft Trevor Lawrence right off the bat.

Both Schottenheimer and Bevell had the privilege of working with Russell Wilson, so they have experience working on a quarterback who wants to get better.

Expect the Jaguars to be a bit of a different team than what we are used to seeing.