Brian Schottenheimer was Pete Carroll's guy... until he wasn't


The Seattle Seahawks are on the hunt for a new offensive coordinator after they mutually parted ways with Brian Schottensheimer, citing philosophical differences. 

But, you wouldn't have guessed there was a deep-rooted unrest based on the comments from Pete Carroll in the days and weeks leading up to Schottenheimer's departure. 

The Seahawks OC was somewhat polarizing during his time in Seattle. 

Despite fans' frustrations and members of the media questioning Schottenheimer's longevity with the Seahawks organization, Pete Carroll stood by his OC. 

After the Seahawks embarrassing loss to the Rams last Saturday, the question was asked again: Will the coordinators be back next year? 

Pete Carroll took exception to the question, which was asked by NBCSNW Seahawks Insider Joe Fann. 

"It’s disrespectful for me to even address those questions," Carroll said. "We’re going to figure out what we need to do to get better, just like we always do. I’m counting on everybody coming back." 

Just over 24 hours later, the Seahawks and Schottenheimer parted ways. 

He was Carroll's guy... until he wasn't. 

Maybe this was something both sides knew all along. Maybe it gives Schottenheimer the unencumbered ability to pursue another job, possibly a head coaching position. Either way, the timing is curious. 

Joe Fann summed it up best as he examined how it came to this point, while analyzing a critical 4th down the Seahawks had in the 4th quarter vs. the Rams: 


With the season on the line, in a moment where Schottenheimer was tasked with picking the singular play he felt gave Seattle the best chance to convert, Carroll stepped into the kitchen and vetoed.

Imagine dealing with that sort of micromanaging at any point, let alone under those levels of pressure and consequence.

Carroll also admitted to seeing the play clock winding down and choosing not to call timeout. He said multiple times that he was just fine punting in that scenario.

Set aside whether or not you cared for Schottenehimer. Many didn't, of course. You may have been among those who wanted him gone and this is good news to you.

But he was still Seattle’s OC and the chief offensive expert on the coaching staff. Those are the moments that define you as a professional, and he had the ball taken out of his hands.

Now, it's in the hands of Pete Carroll to find a new OC and one who will possibly be more hands off. 

Time will tell.