Bruce Irvin called the Patriots final play


Last Sunday Night’s matchup with the Seahawks and New England Patriots was easily the game of the day.

Russell Wilson and Cam Newton both had themselves a game in the air, and on the ground that helped Bruce Irvin predicate the final play of the game.

The Seahawks allowed two rushing touchdowns to quarterback Cam Newton on Sunday night.

After Newton's second score, in which he ran into the end zone on a designed run to the left, a mic'd up Irvin fired some trash talk at Newton that turned out to be very accurate to the ending of the game.

"You ain't going to be able to do that all night!" Irvin barked at Newton, as seen on Showtime's latest edition of "Inside the NFL" on Tuesday night. "I promise you. I promise you."

Well, Irvin was right. In the final seconds of the game, the Patriots needed to score a touchdown to win the game. 

They decided to put the ball in Newton’s hand on a run to the left, and the Seahawks defense read it all the way without hesitation.

Just like Irvin predicated.

As right as he was, Irvin wasn’t even on the field to contribute to the play.

Sadly, he suffered a season-ending knee injury earlier in the game.

His teammates, however, made sure to honor him by stuffing Newton short of the goal line and clinching Seattle's 35-30 win.


The entire Seahawks team could see the play coming from a mile, but Newton has a history of being the best when it comes to goal-line rushing plays.

So should the Patriots have gone with a different play? Maybe so, but they tried it anyway.

Plays fail all the time, and the Patriots have to forget about it and move onto next week’s opponent.

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