Cardinals’ Budda Baker was mic’d up on Sunday Night, could not believe D.K. Metcalf caught him


Sunday night’s NFC West showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals was hands down the best game for Week 7.

Besides both quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray going back and forth all game long, there was one play that stuck out the most and had social media going crazy over:

Wide receiver D.K. Metcalf chasing down Cardinals safety Budda Baker to save a pick-six touchdown.

If you need a refresher to how incredibly absurd the tackle was, please rewatch it again.

Head coach Pete Carroll even said after the game that the Metcalf tackle was “the best football plays I’ve ever seen.” Which think the majority of people would agree.

The one thing that would be the icing on the cake in all of this is: what was Budda Baker saying when Metcalf actually caught him?

Thankfully for us, he was mic’d up during the game, and could not believe that he was tackled by Metcalf heading back to the sidelines.

How'd he catch my ass? What the f---?

Budda Baker after getting tackled by D.K. Metcalf

Same Baker, I am pretty sure everyone said the same thing when we watch that tackle go down.

Metcalf tackle, although the highlight of the same, wasn’t enough to win them the game in OT where the Seahawks lost 37-34 in the closing seconds.

But it is always fun to see the opponent give some probs to a great play, as Baker went on Twitter right after and gave Metcalf a shoutout.

Seahawks get handed their first loss of the season, and they play the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday.