Chicago Bears are prepared to make an offer for Russell Wilson that Seattle ‘can’t say no’


The Russell Wilson trade rumors are somewhat getting out of hand.

And now we have more fuel to add to the fire.

This time, it comes from Fox Sports’ own Colin Cowherd.

Cowherd isn’t really breaking news in this segment, but he says he does have insider knowledge of a situation in Chicago that involves Wilson.

Basically saying that Chicago is going to make a move so big that Seattle "can’t say no."

I’m told the Chicago Bears are trying to make a move on Russell Wilson and trying to create a move that is so good Seattle can’t say no.

Colin Cowherd

Cowherd also made it clear that Seattle will most likely not trade him away to an NFC team like the Bears.

"I have no idea how Chicago is going to make this work," Cowherd said. "They don't have a quarterback to give Seattle and they don't have a great draft pick to give Seattle because they made the playoffs."

But Cowherd, during his segment, goes a little off the rails.

Here's how it works, Chicago gives Seattle five first-round picks. Now they may not be great picks if they get Russell Wilson, but they give up five first-round picks. Nobody else is probably going to offer that.

Colin Cowherd

Here is the thing, though. NFL teams can’t trade up to five first-round picks, only three.

So although the Bears are prepared to offer a “boatload of picks,” five first-round picks won’t be the case.

Cowherd’s theory of the whole thing seems impossible, but all this is a fun topic to talk about.

Especially to Bears fans. They are eating all of this up at this point.

The Seahawks and Bears could possibly explore a third team to figure something out and add more first-round picks.

But hey, anything is up in the air at this point with this scenario with Wilson.