It's time for a Russell Wilson reality check, Bears fans


The recruitment of Russell Wilson is ON! 

A day after the disgruntled Seahawks QB came out with a list of four teams he would accept a trade to, players, fans and local media are putting on a full-court press for the eight-time Pro-Bowler. 

Wilson’s agent Mark Rogers told Adam Schefter that no trade request has been made, but if there was one, the Super Bowl champion would accept a trade to the Bears, Cowboys, Raiders and Saints. 

It’s all very convoluted. 

With the latest on Wilson, the news has sent shockwaves throughout the NFL world leaving some not on board. 

News about Wilson in Dallas has local media scared of losing Draft picks. With uncertainty about retaining Dak Prescott, Cowboys fans and media worry about the team sinking into an infinite winter. 

Dallas Cowboys media worries Wilson trade to Cowboys could cause draft chaos read one headline. 

Russell Wilson to the Cowboys? Why a potential trade is mostly silly, problematic read another.

Las Vegas media is dipping its toe into the Wilson waters, but realize they won’t find cap relief and will lose out on picks


Michael Thomas is on board with a Russell Wilson trade to the Saints, but does he not realize he’d likely be shipped to Seattle in this deal?

And then there’s Chicago… 

Boy, have Chicago Bears fans, media and players woken up Friday feeling themselves. 

Still riding on coattails of false confidence from the 1980s Bears teams, Chicago has apparently dubbed itself as the entertainment Mecca for Russell Wilson and Ciara to plant their roots. 

Bears faithful are acting like there's some sort of rich heritage that Russell Wilson would being dying to join. 

NBC Sports Chicago has even become a Russell Wilson fan account.

And then there’s this excerpt

“So now the pièce de résistance. The one thing the Bears can offer Wilson that no other city on his shortlist can: the city of Chicago. This nugget comes from Brad Biggs who wrote on Thursday, “The appeal of the Bears for Wilson is that Chicago would be a huge media market for his wife, Ciara,” in addition to its playoff-ready defense. Ciara is a pop and R&B singer, so a move to a big music city like Chicago would be wonderful for her. No disrespect meant towards Seattle, as it’s a fantastic city, but if I’ve learned anything from IFC’s “Portlandia” the whole Pacific Northwest caters more to grunge, or alt-rock artists. It’s definitely not a pop place. Maybe some potential collabs with Chance the Rapper could seal the deal?” 

Listen… let’s cool it for a moment. 

First, if you’re getting your takes on the Pacific Northwest from “Portlandia,” don’t @ me. 

Also, sure, Chicago is the No. 3 media market in the nation. But Seattle is No. 12. It’s not like there’s no wifi and everyone is riding horses out here. 

And if the appeal is a major market for Wilson’s wife Ciara to pursue music, let’s not forget they own property in Southern California near Tinseltown, La-La-Land. 

If Ciara really wants to advance in her music career, the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, would provide the opportunity for a residency and would provide sunshine. Unlike Chicago, where it snows and freezes over for months on end. 

The Bears can make a case for Russell Wilson to have a fresh start with a new team and front office, with the chance of more influence. Stick with that pitch. 

But, right now Bears fans are dreaming of anyone other than Nick Foles or Mitchell Trubisky under center next season. The Bears are trapped in a vortex of dysfunction and are dangling shiny objects to divert people's attention away from it.


Russell Wilson and Ciara are superstars. They don't need Chicago to achieve what the city thinks it has to offer.

Dream on, Bears fans. Dream on.