Chris Carson, Carlos Hyde not being 100 percent is cause for concern for Seahawks


For the Seahawks, this stretch of the schedule was supposed to extend the team’s lead in the NFC West standing.

Well now, Seattle looks like it has more issues to solve than before.

Seattle suffered a stunning and unusual 17-12 loss to the New York Giants, a team without their starting quarterback in Daniel Jones and their star running back in Saquon Barkley, who is out for the season with a torn ACL. 

This game was supposed to be an easy win for the Seahawks and potentially a boost in confidence for a struggling defense.

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But the defense wasn’t necessarily the problem against the Giants - it was the offense that struggled right from the jump.

A Seattle offense that was once unstoppable, couldn’t get started until it was too late.

Besides quarterback Russell Wilson not looking like himself all game long - He was 27 of 42 for 263 yards with a touchdown and an interception - running back Chris Carson wasn’t used as much normal on Sunday.

Carson had just 13 carries for 65 yards in the game, while Carlos Hyde only had 2 carries for just 1 yard.

Both backs were not used as much as the offense would like, putting enormous pressure on Wilson to make plays, which did not happen this game.


The running back duo may finally be back after a four-week hiatus, but the two are visibly not at 100%.

If the team wants to win, Carson needs to be back at a full tilt like he was before his injury. Head coach Pete Carroll spoke after the game about Carson and his foot injury and how the process of bringing him back fully will take time.

“He is making it to the game, is what he is doing right now.” Carroll said. “His foot is still sore, but he can play. As you can see, he looked good. But it is just not at 100% and so we are not trying to overload him. We got a lot of games left and were just trying to make sure that he can play and contribute, which is what he is doing.i thought he handled it pretty well. He is not to the point of just letting him stay out there and keep on going and lets run him 25, 30 times and see what happens. We're still trying to bring him along.”

The Seahawks have been pretty decent about balancing the pass and run game all season long, but now this game raises a lot of red flags.

Both backs are trying to get back into playing shape and heal with their injuries at the same time-- that can be a tough ask for a running back, especially when you get hit hard all game long.

The Seahawks' next two games include the New York Jets and the Washington Football team. Before Sunday games, you would think it would be a cakewalk for them.

But Seattle will have to look at these games a lot differently than before.

After the game, Wilson only had to say this about the offense and what could help the team in Week 14. It was quite simple.

We got to get 32 going 

Russell Wilson on what the offense needed to do better

Seattle will now look to the film, rest up, and shake off this terrible loss as they prepare for the Jets.

The thing about the game of football is this: A short term memory is essential, especially when it is a tough loss.