Chris Carson injured by Trysten Hill on 'remarkably dirty' play


While no fans were in attendance during Seattle's 38-31 victory over the Dallas Cowboys, the whole nation was watching the game on television.

Many of which left the contest have two large takeaways: Russell Wilson is the MVP and Trysten Hill is a dirty player.

With 3:14 left in the contest, Hill tackled Chris Carson but rather than letting go after completing the play, Hill proceeded to do a "gator roll" and injured Seattle's starting running back.

Seahawks Pete Carroll reported Monday morning that Carson sustained a first-degree sprain. About the play in which Trysten Hill hurt Carson, Carroll said, “I was really pissed about that one... because that guy really hurt him.”

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While Carson isn't expected to have taken a serious hit, Trysten Hill's reputation did with many questioning the hit or downright calling his "gator roll" "remarkably dirty" such as NBC Sports NW Seahawks Insider Joe Fann.

Carson's teammate, K.J. Wright, was infuriated by the malicious hit, calling the play clearly intentional. He called for the NFL needed to do more than fine Hill. 

Former Oregon Ducks and Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz tweeted that Hill will need to be watching his back next week.

Former Dallas Cowboy Marcus Spears of ESPN agreed.

However, injuring Carson, Hill wasn't done. On Seattle's two-point conversion attempt, he roughed Russell Wilson with helmet-to-helmet contact.


Due to the flag, the Seahawks got another chance to go up seven points and converted it the next play. 

Seattle would go on to win the game 38-31 leaving the field victors on the scoreboard and within the minds of the nation who now sees Hill for the dirty player he is.