Chris Simms compares DK Metcalf to Terrell Owens, calls him best WR in NFL


Chris Simms didn’t mince words when raving about DK Metcalf’s 12-catch, 161-yard, two-touchdown performance against the 49ers in Week 8.

“DK Metcalf is the best receiver in football,” Simms said in his weekly chat with NBC Sports Northwest.


“For my money, if you gave me the No. 1 pick and I’m playing quarterback in the NFL right now, … my first pick is DK Metcalf,” Simms said. “You can throw him a slant in traffic and he gets crushed and he pops up. You can throw him a slant in traffic and he can run for a 70-yard touchdown.

“You can throw him a 70-yard go-route and he can run by everybody. You can throw a 70-yard go-route and underthrow it and he’ll jump over somebody. There’s really nothing about his game that he can’t do. For my money, that would be my guy.”

Metcalf was fully in his bag against the 49ers. His elite speed was on display during his 46-yard touchdown catch-and-run. Metcalf took a shallow cross toward the left sideline before turning the corner and sprinting away from San Francisco’s defense. Simms noted that Metcalf and Tyreek Hill are the only receivers in the NFL who could have turned the corner in that fashion.

Seattle’s second-year phenom later showcased his strength on a two-yard touchdown despite having a defender draped over his back.

“He really reminds me of Terrell Owens,” Simms said. “The more and more I watch him, the more I think that’s what I’m looking at. He’s as physically freaky as they come.”


Owens and Metcalf have similar builds, each with otherworldly athleticism. Metcalf is listed at 6-foot-4, 229 pounds compared to Owens' 6-foot-3, 224 pounds.

Metcalf has 680 yards and seven touchdowns on the season and has shown impressive consistency. He’s posted at least 92 yards in six of Seattle’s seven games so far. The one exception was against the Cardinals in Week 7 where Metcalf posted just two catches for 23 yards.

Simms shared his frustrations with Metcalf only getting five targets in that game as he was shadowed by Patrick Peterson.

“You can’t let teams play DK Metcalf 1-on-1. The greatest asset you have on your football team is Russell and that connection (with Metcalf).”

Metcalf rebounded with a monster performance against San Francisco, largely dominating against single coverage.

“In the second half, the 49ers started playing defenses they don’t like to play,” Simms said. “They started putting a safety over the top of DK Metcalf. And you saw (Seattle’s) run game working. Yes, Seattle was more conservative in the second half, but to me, that is the biggest thing about that game.”

Week 9 offers another intriguing matchup for Metcalf as it’s likely Bills star corner Tre’Davious White will shadow the Seahawks star. Even if that’s the case, Simms made it clear that nothing should change for how Seattle attacks Buffalo’s secondary.

“If (Metcalf is) 1-on-1, throw him the football,” Simms said.