Chris Simms details 'mean-muggin' encounter with Frank Gore


Frank Gore is one of the best running backs of all-time.

He’s No. 3 on the NFL’s all-time rushing list and is the only player in the NFL to have tallied 1,200 plus scrimmage yards in 12 seasons. It’s worth mentioning seven of the eight players behind him are all in the Hall of Fame.

But on the latest Talkin' Seahawks podcast with Seahawks Insider Joe Fann, Chris Simms delivered this hot take.

He doesn’t believe Gore is Hall of Fame worthy.

The former NFL quarterback turned NBC Sports analyst dished out his thoughts on Gore’s impressive career and shared a particularly awkward encounter he had with the five-time Pro Bowler ahead of Super Bowl LIV.

“So, Super Bowl radio row, I look at the list one day and I’m like ‘oh no, we’ve got Frank Gore today.’ I know he listens to everything. I know he’s paid attention,” Simms told Fann. “So I see him walking up— he’s mean muggin’ me while I’m on another segment with another guest and I can see he’s talking crap about me to the people he’s with. And I’m telling Mike Florio, Frank Gore’s going to be pissed. He’s going to come up here and give it to me, you watch. And of course he did, and I just said OK, let’s have it, and we had at it.


And you know I told him what I thought, he explained his side of the story, we hugged it out.

Chris Simms on Frank Gore

So did that meeting with Gore change Simms’ opinion?

“I love Frank Gore, legend like I said, but I was just like I don’t think he’s a Hall of Famer,” Simms said. “Name me a year where you really think he’s a top-5 running back. There’s only one year where I look at and go, he’s one of the five best that year.”

Gore averaged 4.3 yards per attempt across 10 NFL seasons and averaged 1,282.9 total yards per season. He only missed 14 games out of a possible 240 regular season games while making the Pro Bowl on five occasions. 

At 37 years old, Gore is the oldest running back and one of the best. He continues to produce at a high level as the Jets leading rusher with 141 carries for 521 years.

Whether Gore finds an NFL home next season, remains unknown. But the NFL legend deserves a permanent home in Canton when he hangs his cleats up.

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