Chris Simms says Russell Wilson "can’t win a Super Bowl with this coaching staff"


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been in the news for all the wrong reasons when it comes to his relationship with the organization as a whole.

Although he has not demanded a trade, the naming of the four teams (Saints, Cowboys, Bears, Raiders) was alarming to a lot of people.

If there was a trade in the works, that is where he would want to go.

In recent years, Wilson has been pretty good at being quiet about these certain things.

But now, all cards are off the table and Wilson wants to be heard.

NBC Sports' Chris Simms spoke about the issue on his recent ‘Unbuttoned’ podcast.

Simms went on to talk about what he has heard from Wilson’s camp, and the understanding that things between the Seahawks and Wilson are not on good terms, and that he can’t get back to a championship with this coaching staff.

So here is the narrative, and its probably coming from his camp at this point. Russell Wilson, at this point, can’t get back to the Super Bowl with the current Seattle coaching staff and the way things are run there. It’s just not gonna happen.

Chris Simms

Wilson has been with the Seahawks for nine seasons now, and although they have been to two Super Bowls and have won one of them, the team has been struggling to get back to that form since about 2015.

“The marriage is over,” said Simms. "It’s time to move on."

Wilson wanting more say and having frustration about being hit too much is warranted. He has been sacked 394 times in nine seasons - the most by any quarterback in that time span.

The Seahawks have one thing to do this offseason, and it's to make sure that their star quarterback is happy.


Getting offensive line help will be the main priority, but with the cap space as it is the organization will be needing to make a lot of moves.

the Seahawks moving on from Wilson this year is highly unlikely, but Simms believes something could be happening soon.

“I don’t know if it ends this year, but it is going to end soon,” Said Simms.

You can check out the full podcast with Chris Simms here.