Colin Cowherd doesn’t believe Russell Wilson will end his career in Seattle


Russell Wilson has been saying for years that he intends to play into his 40s. 

But inside the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, the Super Bowl winning quarterback reiterated his desire to join a modest group of elite quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Drew Brees in the over-40 club. 

"I just turned 31," Wilson told Sports Illustrated. "I'm right at the beginning of my prime. I have so many more years left. At least 10-plus years left. I'm just getting started. That's the fun part for me. My goal is to play another 15 years."

When Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd read the article, he felt Wilson’s statement conveyed a greater, more mysterious meaning. 

“Russell Wilson takes care of his body. He sees it as a long-term investment,” Cowherd said. 

The first thing I thought when I saw this was oh, so he’s not ending his career in Seattle.

Colin Cowherd

Cowherd backed up his claim with a list of two superstars. He first mentioned how LeBron James left Cleveland to head to Los Angeles due to the Cavs no longer being good for his brand. Then, he detailed how Tom Brady left New England this offseason, noting the reason the 43-year-old quarterback departed was because the Patriots couldn’t get enough high-caliber players around Brady as he aged. 

“And what’s happening in Seattle, once again this year?” Cowherd continued. “Battle-lined insistence to run a 1988 offense and Russell is the life preserver, saving drive after drive, game after game. Seattle has never understood."


It's never been Richard Sherman’s team or Marshawn Lynch’s or Pete Carroll’s, it’s been Russell, and they’ll get it like New England or the Cavs, and it’ll be too late. 

Colin Cowherd

This isn’t the first time Cowherd has called out Seattle for not valuing Wilson. In July, the FS1 host explained why Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is more set up for success Wilson.

"The difference from Mahomes and Wilson, and they are the two best quarterbacks, is one guys is being supported philosophically with weapons, with coaching, and schemes every day – the other guy is saving a deteriorating franchise," Cowherd said. 

Cowherd isn’t the only person noticing the Seahawks could afford to shake up their offensive strategy. Fans on Twitter have been calling for Coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to “Let Russ Cook,” and throw more often and more frequently on 1st and 2nd down.

Wilson himself said he hopes the Seahawks will run a more up-tempo offense earlier in games. 

“Let’s treat every quarter like the fourth quarter,” Wilson said. 

Seattle is 57-0 including playoffs since 2012 when it goes into halftime with a lead of four points or more. So, will Carroll let Russ cook? The decision could have career-altering consequences for Wilson and his future with the Seahawks. 

“Of course I’ve given it some thought,” Carroll said. “You guys keep asking about it. I’ve got to figure out how to answer the question when you ask it.

“Russ is the best he’s ever been. He’s as far along as he’s ever been. He’s got a fantastic group of guys for learning and growing together with.”

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