Damon Harrison is eager for his Seahawks debut, just like the rest of us


The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all relatable experiences. For many parents, having a full house at all times and having to become pseudo teachers at home is a hefty burden.

Damon Harrison gets it. Watching the first month of the NFL season from his couch with kids running around and causing commotion gave him a final push into wanting to play again.

“Honestly it was being at home with my kids full time during the season that kind of made me want to jump back out there a little bit,” Harrison joked with reporters on Thursday.

Harrison was then asked about how many children he had.

“You got a pen and paper, man?” Harrison said with a big smile.

He rattled through his list of seven kids, ages 12, 10, 6, 3, 1-year old twins and a 5-month old.

“Let me make sure I didn’t miss anybody,” Harrison said before running through the list again. “That’s seven. Yeah, that’s seven.”

Harrison made sure to give his wife proper credit for shouldering most of the work at home while he’s at the Seahawks facility. He called her a “real-life superhero.”

The rigors of parenthood aside, Harrison waited to sign with a team until he got to see the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols in action. Concerns over the pandemic forced him to be patient and ensure that he limited risk for himself and his family.

He finally joined the Seahawks practice squad on Oct. 7 and a plan was put into place to give him time to train and get into football shape without the pressure of contributing immediately.


“We knew it was going to be a process,” Harrison said. “I’ve been OK with it, working from the ground up.”

That process ended up taking longer than expected. Harrison has been ready for game action for a few weeks now. The problem is that Seattle didn’t have space for him on the active roster with Bryan Mone and Poona Ford healthy.

In the meantime, the Buccaneers and Dolphins came calling, offering Harrison a spot on their 53-man roster. He politely declined both clubs, knowing he wanted to be in Seattle. Part of that was because he tabbed the Seahawks as a desirable destination during the offseason. Harrison had also already moved his family to the Pacific Northwest and didn’t want to uproot them again.

“I had a good idea where I was going to end up, and I felt like it was going to be here,” Harrison said. “I knew it was going to take hard work and it was going to take some time. Once the work became a little bit more than I expected, I wasn’t going to run from it. I felt like I was supposed to be here.”

After a month of waiting, it should officially be “Snack time” in Seattle. Mone is likely to be out against the Rams with an ankle injury, meaning Harrison is all but assured to be the next man up.

His Seahawks debut will be highly anticipated as fans are eager to see how he looks and how much he’s able to contribute. Harrison candidly explained he’s just as curious to see how things go.

He said he has no expectations for Sunday’s game in Los Angeles.

“I’m not really sure, actually, until I have the opportunity to get out there,” he explained. “Being at practice is one thing, but actually getting out there on gameday– the speed and the tempo is different. So the jury is still out on that until I actually get a chance to be on the field and evaluate myself.”

Given the struggles of Seattle’s defense, the Seahawks will take whatever they can get from the veteran nose tackle.