Joe Montana breaks down and discusses Wilson-Metcalf and Montana-Rice connection


When you think of the most successful quarterback-wide receiver combinations in NFL history, Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Jerry Rice are easily at the top of the mountain.

It’s hard to argue against them. The pair combined for 67 touchdowns in their playing years together in San Francisco 49ers and even won a pair of Super Bowls to top it all off.

Montana and Rice are the purest examples of what a quarterback and wide receiver relationship should look like.

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Seattle Seahawks very own Russell Wilson and D.K. Metcalf are a little ways away from getting to that point of Montana/Rice levels, but they are off to a solid start.

Through their first 22 games together, the pair have connected for 12 touchdowns. The numbers are almost identical to what Rice and Montana were doing in their earlier years.

Wilson and Metcalfs’ connection has even gotten the attention of Montana himself, and on Wednesday, he even joined Wilsons’ podcast ‘DangerTalk’ to discuss both their legacies, and how the Wilson-Metcalf connection can one day become what Montana and Rice had.

"DK being only 22 years old, he came in as a rookie last year — absolute freak of nature," Wilson said. 

One of the things that DK and I have definitely talked about a bunch is, how do you build that relationship like Montana and Rice? Wilson to Metcalf? I think that's such an important thing that we've been harping on, me and him, just so you know. We've been talking about that.

Russell Wilson on his relationship with DK Metcalf

The bond between Metcalf and Wilson has grown significantly in just a single year. The two actually spent the offseason together, and Metcalf even lived with Wilson at home point to grow the relationship further.


For Montana, Rice and him never had that tight of a relationship off the field. But when it came to playing the game of football, Montana detailed the amount of film studied that helped them grow their play to legendary levels.

"I think one of the things we did a lot of was, when you sit down and watch film, it's not just watching the film," Montana said. "So you're running a hook against man-to-man … If he's inside of you, if you're on top of him, what are you going to do? If he's on top of you, what are you going to do? You have to see that on film and you have to talk it through, so that when that happens, I'm going to trust you coming under.”

The connection between Wilson and Metcalf is really at the beginning - Metcalf is just into his sophomore season, and is proving more and more that he is an elite receiver and Wilsons' favorite deep threat target.

With time on their hands, and the relationship only growing more and more each year,  the two could be surpassing the Rice-Montana touchdown mark if they continue at this pace.