DeeJay Dallas received Kam Chancellor’s blessing to wear No. 31 with Seahawks


DeeJay Dallas had an important phone call to make upon being drafted by the Seahawks in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Seattle’s equipment staff showed him a list of available numbers and No. 31 caught his eye as it’s the reverse of the No. 13 he’d worn from peewee all the way through his time at Miami. That pick, of course, was sure to raise eyebrows. It’s not retired, but it’s also one of those unspoken, semi-retired numbers out of respect for Kam Chancellor.

That’s why Dallas was sure to get in contact with the former hard-hitting safety in order to ask for his blessing.

“I felt it was only right to ask Kam Chancellor, being the legend that he was for the Seahawks, I just had to do it,” Dallas said. “It felt right in my spirit to ask him, knowing what he’s done for this club and knowing what I want to do for this club.”

To be clear, Dallas didn’t need to be told about Chancellor’s value to both Seattle’s organization and its fans.

“Of course I knew Kam wore this number,” Dallas said. “Kam is a legend, man. If you don’t know about Kam Chancellor, you probably live under a rock.”

The rookie said he spoke with Chancellor about topics beyond the number, but he opted to keep those details private.

Dallas has been one of the Seahawks most impressive rookies in camp. While he’s behind Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde on the depth chart, his pass catching ability could make him a candidate for a third down role immediately.


There isn’t a coach or player who has had anything but glowing praise for Dallas.

“I pride myself on being a tough, gritty person,” he said. “When you make it to this spot as an athlete, you attribute it to the hard work that you put in. I hope I showed them that my work from peewee league is paying off. This is a long time coming. I hope I’ve shown that I’m tough, that I’m smart and that I love the game when I run the football.”

Dallas shared that he’s yet to have a conversation with the coaching staff about what his role might be in the immediate future. He didn’t seem too concerned about that, either.

“Whenever they do bring it up, I’ll be happy,” Dallas said. “If I’ve got to give water to whoever, I’ll do whatever. As long as I’m on the team I’m good.”

His No. 31 brings with it expectations to perform well in Chancellor’s honor. So far, there hasn’t been any indication that suggests Dallas will do anything but make the Seahawks legend proud.