Details emerge on Jarran Reed and his strange exit from the Seahawks


The Seattle Seahawks have lost a few key defenders this offseason. Shaquill Griffin signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. KJ Wright is still a free agent and has said he won't take a discount to return to Seattle.

But of all their departures, Jarran Reed's was certainly the strangest. Reed was released by the Seahawks last week after the two sides couldn't agree on a contract. The Seahawks wanted him to restructure his deal while Reed wanted an extension.

They reached an impasse and that was the end of Reed's time in Seattle. Reed would go on to sign a one-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.

That's where things get interesting. As NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported, Reed actually would've made more money in 2021 had he stayed with the Seahawks instead of demanding his release.

[Reed] could've just cashed all the checks this year and then gone elsewhere next year. He said, 'No, if I'm not feeling the love, I'm gonna go somewhere else.'

Mike Garafolo, NFL Network

That's certainly an odd decision by Reed, considering that he ended up with a one-year deal anyway. But apparently, playing for a team that might want to extend him in the future is what he wanted. The Seahawks didn't have an interest in giving him a long-term deal, so he went somewhere that might at least consider it.

Of course, it is fair to ask whether or not Reed knew he would be giving up money on the free-agent market, but Garafolo explained that he was aware of that possibility.


"His agent explained it to him fully and said, 'You are going to lose millions of dollars here,' Garafolo communicated. "[Reed] said, 'I don't care, because I want to go to a place where I feel the love back to me instead of some other people.' So, he willingly gave up millions of dollars to go to the Chiefs to play there and reset his value."

That checks out, especially since Reed was released more than a week into the NFL's free-agent period. A lot of money had already been spent in an already cap-strapped market, so there wasn't as much out there for Reed in potential deals.

Alas, Reed was willing to bet on himself going elsewhere and thriving to earn an extension. So, he turned down more money for an opportunity to prove himself in Kansas City.

Without him, the Seahawks defensive line will have to use a variety of role players at the tackle spots. That could work out, but having Reed's pass rushing ability would've gone a long way for the Seahawks' revamped defensive line in 2021.