DK Metcalf accused of hiding from LA Rams, Jalen Ramsey wants 'big on big'


Seahawks WR DK Metcalf is a beast of a human. 

The imposing 23-year-old wide receiver stands at 6'4", 229 pounds and boasts a 6'11" wingspan. 

Couple that with less than 5% body fat. 

He's been dubbed 'Megatron 2.0', 'The Mandalorian' and 'Wolverine.'

All of these figures are recognizable, unmistakable. 

It'd be awfully hard to hide if you were any of those figures. 


But, that's exactly what the LA Rams are accusing the Seattle Seahawks of doing with Metcalf. 

The Rams and Seahawks split their season series, and in both of those games, Metcalf was, for the most part, neutralized. 

In two games, Metcalf had 8 catches for 87 yards and zero touchdowns. 

In their Week 10 match-up, cornerback Jalen Ramsey largely shut Metcalf down.

In Seattle’s Week 16 win over the Rams, the Seahawks tried to use Metcalf more creatively, which led to more production and kept Ramsey off the Seahawks wideout on more occasions. 

But, heading into Saturday's Wild-Card game, Ramsey wants Metcalf. 

“I feel personally that it should be like big on big,” Ramsey said. “If you believe you have a top guy, I’m looked at as a top guy, we should be matched up against each other a fair amount of times, as you see happens with other teams... That’s what I would like to see, selfishly. I feel like that’s what big games should be. That’s what fans would like to see, and most competitors will seek that out, ask for that."


Jalen Ramsey has been in the NFL for five years and has played in a total of 78 career games. He was brought in by the Rams to be matched up with the best wide receivers. 

And on Saturday, it will be the third time he's faced the same wide receiver in the same season.

But, were the Seahawks hiding Metcalf?

"I don’t know if I would say the right terminology is ‘hiding’ him," Ramsey said. "I don’t think that’s it."

I don’t think DK Metcalf has to hide from anybody.

Jalen Ramsey

Ramsey has been doing this long enough. He respects his opponent. He lives for the big moment, wants to face the opposing team's best player.

Hopefully, Saturday's match-up will be the heavyweight fight we all want and deserve.