DK Metcalf and Jamal Adams start the MVP campaign for Russell Wilson


We are only in Week two of the 2020 NFL season, and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is already off and running in what looks like an MVP season.

Through his first two weeks of play, Wilson is 52-of-63 passing for 610 yards with nine touchdowns and an interception.

Wilson's performance through two contests makes everything and everyone else pale in comparison.  

Now in his ninth season, Wilson infamously hasn't received a single MVP vote at any point during his career.

His teammates are looking to change that narrative for this year.

Wilson’s favorite deep threat target D.K. Metcalf decided that Monday is the day he is going to start the campaign for his quarterback’s MVP race.

Moments later, Safety Jamal Adams co-signed Metcalf’s campaign and tweeted that Wilson is the "Best In The World"

The Seahawks are currently 2-0 for the season, thanks in large part to Wilson and his performance on the offensive side of the ball.

Seattle's leader is unlimited in what he can do this season, and if he continues his play throughout this season, you can expect to see more than just Metcalf and Adams campaigning for Wilson for the MVP award.

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