DK Metcalf breaks Steve Largent’s franchise record for receiving yards in season


Only into his second year with the Seahawks, DK Metcalf is already solidifying himself in Seattle’s history books.

In the 2nd quarter of the game, Metcalf caught his second pass of the game and now has just 9 receiving yards against the 49ers.

He now has 1,291 receiving yards on the season and has surpassed Seahawks Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent's record for the most receiving yards in franchise history.

Largent’s receiving record was set in 1985, where he had 1,287 yards in the season.

Only five times in franchise history has a receiver had 1,200 yards receiving in a season. Largent had three of those (1885,1981,1979) with Koren Robinson cracking it in 2002 with 1,240, and now Metcalf is added to this list.

It is also worth noting that Largent has five of his 11 seasons in the NFL with over 1,100 yards receiving.

Largent himself had to congratulate Metcalf on passing his longtime record.

A side note that people should keep an eye on - Tyler Lockett is 36 yards from reaching 1,000 yards for the season. If he does so on Sunday, he and Metcalf would become just the second duo in Seattle history to reach the century mark in the same season. Brian Blades and Joey Galloway last accomplished the feat in 1995.

For Metcalf, his next goal is setting his sights on Calvin Johnson's single-season NFL record set at 1,964 yards.

The Seahawks are currently ahead of the 49ers 3-0 with still another half of the game left to go.


Let's see how are Metcalf can stretch this regular-season receiving record.