DK Metcalf continues to campaign for Russell Wilson: He ‘should be MVP’


Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks are making a statement.

The Seahawks are 4-0 for the first time since the 2013 season and Russell Wilson is cooking up something special as he bolsters his NFL MVP campaign, and makes it look easy.

His teammate, DK Metcalf, is doing his best to end the MVP debate, as Wilson hasn’t received a single MVP vote in his past eight seasons. He knows the Seahawks franchise quarterback is on the precipice of something legendary because he’s seen it firsthand.

“We got a lot of work in during the offseason,” Metcalf said. “I actually lived with him for about a month during the quarantine. So, it was just a good experience just to be around a future Hall of Famer...

Russ for MVP, 2020, by the way.

DK Metcalf

Wilson was 24-for-34 for 360 yards, two touchdowns and one interception as the Seahawks outlasted the Dolphins 31-23 on Sunday. In the first half, he completed a 75-yard scoring drive in 21 seconds.

Wilson came up clutch again in the fourth quarter. Seattle had a 17-15 lead over Miami when suddenly, the Seahawks headsets went out. Wilson took the reins as offensive coordinator, calling a six-play, 75-yard drive.

“I’m always prepared for those moments, just knowing the game plan and knowing the plays,” Wilson said. “Being ready to call two-minute plays. All that stuff.”

Following Sunday’s win, Wilson now leads the league with 16 touchdown passes, tying Peyton Manning (2013), for the most of any player in his team’s first four games.

If you ask Metcalf, it’s clear why the 31-year-old signal caller has emerged as a perennial candidate in the MVP race.


“Just look at his stats,” Metcalf said. “He’s thrown for 300-plus yards, I think, in every game, he has a boatload of touchdowns, only threw two picks, I’m sorry for one of them that he threw today, but I mean, his stats speak for themselves. He’s a great leader, a great role model and any fourth-quarter comeback and he’s at quarterback, there’s not a doubt that we’re gonna win…

Just look at his track record, it’s gonna speak for itself. So, I’m putting out Russ for MVP this year.

DK Metcalf

Seattle improved to 4-0 for the second time since they won Super Bowl XLVIII. Their first loss in 2013, came in Week 5 to the Indianapolis Colts. Next up, the Seahawks head back to CenturyLink Field in host the Vikings. 

Wilson, amid his historic tear to start the season, will have a prime opportunity to solidify his MVP campaign with all eyes watching Sunday Night Football.