DK Metcalf isn’t Megatron, he’s the ‘Mandalorian'


DK Metcalf made one thing clear after the Seattle Seahawks 23-17 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football, he is not trying to be Megatron aka Calvin Johnson.

Attention Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, Metcalf is just trying to be himself.

But that doesn’t mean Seahawks coach Pete Carroll doesn’t think his star wide receiver deserves a more proper nickname. During his weekly appearance on 710 ESPN Seattle, Carroll said Metcalf is more like "The Mandalorian."

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“Well, Coach Schwartz can say whatever he wants,” Carroll said Tuesday. “I thought that was kind of unusual that he would bring something like that up. Megatron’s kind of a thing of the past, not many people know about that. If he’d have referred to him [as] something like The Mandalorian, I think it would be a little more appropriate." 

I wouldn’t mind calling DK 'The Mandalorian' any time he wants. I don’t know, coaches can say whatever they want. I thought that was kind of surprising, but I liked the way DK handled it.

Pete Carroll

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Carroll even went as far as posting an image to his social media of No. 14 decked out in his beskar helmet of Din Djarin. 

“#ThisIsTheWay #GoHawks!!” Carroll captioned the photo, citing Disney +’s new Star Wars show “The Mandalorian.”

The Force was with Metcalf on Monday night, as he torched Darius Slay and the Eagles en route to a 177-yard, 10-catch performance at Lincoln Financial Field. 

But this isn’t the first time a Seahawks player has been given the Star Wars treatment. Last season, Josh Cashman, also known to Seahawks Twitter as @CableThanos_, posted an image of baby Yoda Russell Wilson.

The Internet immediately fell in love with the Baby Yoda meme. The Seahawks even changed their Twitter avatar to show love to the mashup.

Wilson and Metcalf have been catalysts in the Seahawks 8-3 start. If the duo can propel Seattle to another NFL championship, they won’t need to convince anybody that “this is the way," it will be the only way.