DK Metcalf joins Therabody as the brand's newest athlete


DK Metcalf, 23, is a young athlete who realizes he has a small window to maximize his earnings. Whether that’s on the football field or as an investor.

He’s routinely been conscientious of how he spends his money and ways he can keep his pockets growing.

One way he’s doing this is by joining ‘Therabody’ as an investor, joining the brand as their newest athlete.

“I learned the importance of being at the top of my game, and I have invested in Therabody because they share the same beliefs that everyone should get there,” Metcalf wrote on Instagram. “Today I’m joining as a Therabody Athlete to continue pushing myself to that next level knowing I have the best preparation and recovery at my fingertips.”

Therabody joins Under Armour, Gatorade, and Nesquik as a few of Metcalf’s sponsorships

“My understanding of the importance of taking care of my body-- physically and mentally-- makes me hope everyone can learn that and begin to prioritize it so we can all be our best at what we do and love," Metcalf said in a statement. "Therabody shares in that belief and it is what attracted me to invest in the company. The tools and knowledge I have at my disposal as a professional athlete about taking care of myself should be available to everyone, because everyone has a body, and I am excited to share Therabody’s message and grow with them."

Metcalf is due a big payday once his rookie contract is set to expire and it’ll be interesting to see what the Seahawks are willing to pay him.


He’s already a player that watches how he spends and has encouraged his fellow NFL players to do the same.

“The easiest way to manage that is just to know where your money is going and who has control of it,” he said. “Be proactive and know where your money is going, how you’re spending it, get a budget.”