DK Metcalf is the only 'celebrity' to strikeout at MLB charity softball game


DK Metcalf is a man who doesn’t mind trying new athletic feats.

Outside of the gym and football field, he’s tried qualifying for the 2021 Olympics in the 100m and recently was a participant in the 2021 MLB Celebrity All-Star Softball Game.

Back in June. when asked who Metcalf would compare his game too, he went with one of the best to ever pick up a bat.

"Hank Aaron. The late, great Hank Aaron," Metcalf laughed. "Kinda subtle, but very, very good at his craft. We'll see when I step in the batter's box during the game."

Although all great hitters strikeout, Metcalf was the only participant in the softball game to strikeout. Maybe shockingly since he’s a man who makes a living with his hands and has huge arms.

Another part that made him striking out a little shocking is he wasn’t facing any MLB-level pitchers.

Of course DK had to clap back at the "armchair critics".

Maybe Metcalf was just trying too hard to hit a home run instead of just doing what he could to get on base.

Just goes to show baseball and softball are hard sports to play as well.