DK Metcalf scores touchdown, leaps into stands to play camera man


When it’s your birthday, you can do whatever you want. Right?

At least that’s what Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf thought Sunday after he took over a TV camera as part of a touchdown celebration.

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In the second quarter, Russell Wilson found Metcalf on a fade in the end zone to give the Seahawks the 14-3 lead with 14:56 remaining in the first half.

Metcalf then jumped into the empty stands and grabbed the handles of the TV camera in celebration. The refs didn’t think it was too funny, though, issuing the second-year wideout a 15-yard penalty.  

Following the touchdown score, the Seahawks gave Metcalf a very special gift.

DK. Happy Birthday. A 4-Day All Expense Trip from the WRs.

- the full letter read

That’s one way to celebrate your birthday and 10th touchdown of the year. The Seahawks phenom turns 23 on Monday.


Let the man have his celly.