DK Metcalf wants an apology from Russell Wilson after 'Randy Johnson fastball'


Last Sunday, in the Seattle Seahawks 23-16 loss agains the Los Angeles Rams, wide receiver D.K. Metcalf was basically nonexistent. 

The star wideout had only two receptions on four targets for 28 yards. Rams corner Jalen Ramsey essentially won the battle. 

With Metcalf out of the picture on offense, the Rams put the pressure on the Seahawks offense and the team did not get much of anything done.

The Seahawks needed Metcalf to perform against Patrick Peterson and the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football.

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And the young receiver did just that.

Metcalf caught just three passes for only 46 yards and added one touchdown to Russell Wilson's two touchdowns for the game.

Metcalf actually had the opportunity to have four catches on the game, but Wilson zinged a fastball right at Metcalf that was dropped.

After the game, Metcalf tweeted that he wanted an apology from his QB1 about the throw.

Wilson had this to say about the fastball that he threw at Metcalf.

“I gave him the old Randy Johnson fastball on that one, good ol’ Seattle reference there,” Wilson said. “He went right behind Patrick Peterson there and I tried to laser one into him there, but the ball hit him right on the nose I think. We had a good laugh about it in the locker room.”

It wasn’t an eye-popping performance from Metcalf, but he certainly did help the Seahawks beat the Cardinals 28-21 as Seattle edges into first place in the NFC West once again.


“I thought he played excellent football,” head coach Pete Carroll said of Metcalf the game. “We had a few shots where we wanted to get to him, but one thing lead to another and we couldn’t get the ball to him out to him. He was ready to really go tonight, I thought he played a terrific game.”

The Seahawks now have some time to rest and get healthy after a few injuries were sustained in tonight's win.

Next on the calendar for the Seahawks are the Eagles, Giants, Jets, and Washington Football Team.

When Metcalf is in the picture on the offense, the team seems to perform at a higher level. Hopefully, this streak continues and the Seahawks are back to their winning ways for weeks to come.