DK Metcalf vs. Jalen Ramsey didn’t live up to the hype


We’ve called DK Metcalf superhuman before, but in Week 10 he pulled off the ultimate disappearing act.

Metcalf came into Sunday’s contest vs. the Los Angeles Rams as one of the NFL’s elite offensive weapons with 43 passes for 788 yards and eight touchdowns through the first eight games. But many wondered if Rams defender Jalen Ramsey could stop the star wideout as the two lined up against one another at SoFi Stadium.

The Rams got their answer.

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While matching up with Ramsey, Metcalf went through three quarters without a single target. The Seahawks phenom finished with four targets and two catches for 28 receiving yards, a far cry from his average of 98.5 yards this season. 

It wasn’t quite the hyped-up duel NFL Twitter expected, especially after Metcalf spoke it into existence.

On an episode of Pardon My Take in February, Metcalf, alongside Rams defender Aaron Donald, was asked if any NFL safety could stop him… even Jalen Ramsey?

Metcalf delivered the firm “no,” on video, which didn’t’ age well for the Seahawks wideout after Sunday’s loss. He got called out by Old Takes Exposed because the Internet never fails to dig up your deepest and darkest secrets.

You can’t fault Metcalf for the quiet game, though. According to Coach Pete Carroll, it was never the Seahawks plan to limit Metcalf’s production just because a three-time Pro Bowler was shadowing him.


“We had every intention to do that, to get him the football and there’s stuff called, it just didn’t go there,” Carroll said. “We made the point at halftime that was the case. We knew he was a really good player and all, but we certainly didn’t have a game plan that we were going to stay away from him that wasn’t the case. We had all sorts of things we could have done; we just didn’t do it.”

Ramsey ultimately emerged victorious in the matchup and so did the Los Angeles Rams, who caused Russell Wilson to have an off day with four turnovers and multiple missed throws to his wide receivers, including Metcalf.

Ramsey wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Obviously that was the matchup that a lot of people were talking about. I tried to downplay it during the week,” he told Steve Wyche of NFL Network. “I didn’t want to give nothing away, but I followed him a good bit of the game. I think he’s an undeniable talent, I told him after the game that I look forward to these matchups for years and years to come.”

The Seahawks are now 1-3 in their last four games and tied at 6-3 with the Rams and Cardinals. Both of those teams own the head-to-head matches as of now, meaning Seattle actually sits at third in the NFC West.

But next up for the Seahawks is a familiar foe, the Arizona Cardinals, who are coming off a miracle Hail Mary finish over the Bills. Seattle lost to Arizona in overtime in October making this showdown another daunting task for the struggling Seahawks.