DK Metcalf's game winning TD has fans of other NFL teams envious, salty


Seattle Seahawks stole wide receiver D.K. Metcalf in the second round of the 2019 NFL draft.

A lot of so-called ‘experts’ deemed Metcalf and his route running a weakness, which, in turn, made some NFL GM’s look the other way on the 6’4 228-pound deep threat receiver.

Well, two years into his NFL career with the Seahawks, Metcalf is sure making teams regret skipping out on drafting him when they had the chance.

With plays like this, it's hard to sit idly by without chiming in:

Fans all over Twitter had to vent their frustrations on the potential they could have had with Metcalf on their team.


12s all around are more than happy that the Seahawks did not pass up on Metcalf and took a chance on a receiver who has all the potential in the world.


The sky is the limit for No.14 and what else in his career going forward.