Dwight Schrute wants a redo of Seahawks-Rams Wild Card Game


Seattle Seahawks fans are out of sorts today.

After an incredible start to the 2020 NFL season that began with people concocting their own “Let Russ Cook” memes, Russell Wilson’s kitchen finally caught fire, and Pete Carroll ignored the fire alarm. As a result, the Seahawks suffered a perplexing 30-20 loss to the Rams on Saturday night in the Wild Card Round that resulted in an early playoff exit.

Fans are angry and frustrated, and rightfully so.

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When you’re stuck remembering the painful ending to a 12-win season and NFC West division title, just do as Seahawks superfan Rainn Wilson aka Dwight Schrute does, pretend it never happened.

“So excited for the big game today!” Wilson tweeted. “Can’t wait for the @Seahawks to kick some @Ram ass! #GoHawks.”

The Office star either had the wrong Seahawks game day circled on his calendar (honestly, days are hard) or he’s using sarcasm as a coping method.  


Either way, the comments section of his post was lit.

Hey, if things don't work out for offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, maybe Wilson will have a future as the next assistant (to the) coach.