The face of the chameleon: Gerald Everett ready to adapt, learn with Seahawks


Gerald Everett wears his heart on his sleeve, or right forearm to be exact.

It’s the perfect spot for a tattooed phrase or multi-word text, but the new Seattle Seahawks tight end chose the word “redemption.” The word reminds him of not only what he’s faced, but also what he’s overcome.

“It’s just like a second chance at something or third,” Everett explained in his first interview with Seattle media on Thursday.

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Transition isn’t new to Russell Wilson’s new offensive weapon. Everett attended five schools in five years, including the University of Alabama Birmingham which folded its football program in 2014. There were naysayers doubting that he’d ever finish, let alone go pro, but in 2016, Everett walked down the aisle and accepted his degree from the University of South Alabama.


He was selected in the second round by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2017 NFL Draft.

“I went to a bunch of schools, five to be exact, and a lot of people really thought that my chances to play professionally would diminish going to so many different schools, so many different stops and transfers, but surprisingly I graduated on time,” Everett said. “Four years in college, went high in the draft, so I guess it would more so be one of those things where you just have to roll with the punches and stay focused and do what you have to do.”

If there’s anything that Everett has learned about his revolving door of schools it’s that in life, you have to be able to adapt. Everett credits those experiences in helping him grow as a person and navigate a unique career as an NFL player.

Each NFL season brings madness and unpredictability and playing during a pandemic in the 2020 NFL season is an example of that. Following his fourth season with the Los Angeles Rams, he now has a new NFL home with the Seattle Seahawks.

But his mentality remains the same.  

“I’m very persistent, very determined,” Everett explained. “I learn more about that each and every year, each and every season in the league. Things come up, bumps in the road, NFL season highs and lows, emotions, wins and losses. I just learned that I’m able to adapt. I would have to say that I’m somewhat of a chameleon being able to adapt in any situation and constantly evolve...

I learn something new about myself every day.

- Gerald Everett

In Seattle, Everett joins a tight end room that features Will Dissly, 2020 fourth-round pick Colby Parkinson and 2020 undrafted free-agent pickup Tyler Mabry. While he has a prime opportunity to carve out a substantial role with the Seahawks, he’s anxious to see his former team on the schedule two times a year.

“Coming from LA to Seattle really is an exciting move because I’m a fan of rivalry and I really can’t wait to see the Rams again,’’ Everett said. “But you know it’s a business and we’re all just having fun. It’s a blessing to be here and you know I really can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.’’


Everett appeared in 61 games, starting 11, and has 127 catches for 1,389 yards and eight touchdowns in his four seasons with the Rams. He’s coming off a career-high season in catches (41) and yards (417) in Los Angeles after playing 57 percent of the team’s offensive snaps.

Now he’ll team up again with offensive coordinator Shane Waldron to take his next step in Seattle. A shot at redemption you may call it.

I really don't know what that looks like, me taking the next step, because I really don't think I have a ceiling, honestly.

- Gerald Everett