This fake Russell Wilson trade that ends in Seahawks getting Jimmy Garoppolo is absolutely ridiculous


The NFL offseason is long.

And while people dream of the day football returns, keeping the conversation going can be tough. 

So, when news began to swirl around Russell Wilson's reported ire towards Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, pundits around the league have taken it upon themselves to feast on that speculation.

Fake trade takes in professional sports is somewhat a ridiculous topic, but are inevitable during the offseason.

And Russell Wilson finds himself at the center of it.

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What began as Russell Wilson saying he would prefer not to get hit as much has evolved into Wilson wanting out of Seattle and the Seahawks in a state of dysfunction. 

National media has hijacked the greater point surrounding the Seahawks.

Case in point: When it comes to fake trade speculation, none are worse than Fox Sports' Nick Wright and the absolutely ridiculous trade he created for the Seahawks and Wilson.

Here it is:

Wright's four-team blockbuster trade scenario that he calls 'a masterpiece' is one the NFL has never seen happen. 

Sure, by getting Nick Bosa, the Seahawks get a much-needed boost at defense (which Carroll would love) and two 1st round picks, which would help grab some much-needed help for the future.


And bringing in Jimmy Garoppolo would allow Carroll to grow to a more run-heavy offense, which is also something Carroll would want.

But to call this a 'masterpiece' is absolutely ridiculous.

For one, if the Seahawks ever decided to ship Wilson off, the entire city of Seattle would be calling for Carroll and John Schneider’s jobs.

Without question, there would be an uproar. And going from Wilson to Jimmy Garoppolo is basically a slap in the face to fans. 

Can you imagine the optics? 

It would be the ultimate betrayal.

Let's be real.

The Seahawks will never trade Russell Wilson. That won’t ever happen. Period.

Wilson and the Seahawks need to work some things out, but it's likely salvageable. 

Wright is trying to rattle cages. 

But, he's making himself look ludicrous. 

Wilson will not be traded, and the Seahawks would be fools to even consider it.

Step away from the trade machine!