Fantasy Football 2020 draft prep: Seahawks-themed fantasy team names

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Seahawks fans have long had September 13th marked on their calendars. That is when Seattle heads to Atlanta to start the 2020 season with a Sunday morning matchup against the Falcons. 

With the NFL season around the corner, it means it's time for all of the couch coaches, all the Monday morning quarterbacks, to get ready for their respective Fantasy drafts. 

Who should you draft with your first pick? Do you go quarterback early and snag Patrick Mahomes? Focus on a workhorse and draft a tank like Derrick Henry? Maybe you really think outside the box and use that first-round pick on a kicker like Justin Tucker. 

No matter how your big board looks, one thing is universally true for all the virtual GMs - You can't have a good draft if you don't have a good team name.

So first things first, your fantasy team is D.O.A. without a great name.

For all you Seahawks fans, what better way to bring your two favorite teams together than with a Seahawks related Fantasy team name?

If that is the road you choose, we did the heavy lifting for you.

Here are some of the best Seahawks related name options:

  • Everyday I'm Russelin'
  • Russel Sprouts
  • Russell n' Flow
  • Win Wilson, or go home.
  • Diggs in a Blanket
  • “Can you Diggs it, Sucka?”
  • (Marquise) Blair Witch Project
  • Take Care Y'all Chicken
  • Demarcus Christmas Carroll
  • Tyler's Ottballs
  • Hyde & Seek
  • Fresh Prince of Bellore
  • Brooks & Dunn-bar
  • 1-800-Tre Flowers
  • Pop, Drop and Lockett
  • Timone and Poona
  • Hot Locketts
  • Shake Shaq
  • The Adams Family
  • Runnin' Rashaad Over You
  • Forgot About Tre
  • Carroll Of The Bells
  • Super Bowl XLVIII Tommy Champion
  • Legends of Thorpe
  • Penny for your thoughts
  • Fans say I have big Metcalfs 
  • You know what?! Amadi here

So pick a name and pick it well, because a great team name could be the difference between a championship or a participation trophy.

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