Former Seahawk Frank Clark got traded to Chiefs and won Super Bowl, but who won the trade?


The Kanas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take the field at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida for the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Seahawks fans might find it hard to watch the game because there aren’t many former players from Seattle playing on Sunday.

But there is one face that Seahawks fans remember and is active for his second Super Bowl run.

Former defensive end Frank Clark.

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In the Seahawks' recent memory of draft picks, Clark is probably one of the ones where fans said ‘that was a great pickup’ by the team.

Clark was drafted in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft after the Seahawks had that infamous loss to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Four years later, Clark was traded by the Seahawks to Kanas City back in April of 2019 for a first-round pick in the that years draft.

Not long after the trade, he signed a five-year contract for $105.5 million that included $62.3 million guaranteed.

Clark has more or else benefited from the trade over to the Chiefs, but his regular-season numbers have been lower since leaving.

In his last year with Seattle, Clark had 13 sacks in the season and a combined 27 quarterback hits - through 29 games with the Chiefs, he only has 14 sacks and 29 combined QB hits.


Now the playoffs are a different story. He has seven sacks in five postseason games, including two this year and a Super Bowl Ring from last year.

So not a bad deal for the Chiefs when you look at the trade, they got the guy they wanted.

But what about the Seahawks and what they went through on the trade?

When you look at it, they made out pretty well honestly.

They obviously free up salary cap space, which made it possible to grab Damien Lewis and defensive ends Alton Robinson and L.J. Collier with the draft picks they got from the Chiefs.

It also helped the Seahawks with moving up on the draft to help select other players that have been beneficial for the team.

In 2010, the Seahawks selected DK Metcalf, Marquise Blair, Ugo Amdadi, Ben Burr-Kirven, and Travis Homer.

Clark may have a Super Bowl win under his belt, but the Seahawks did get some draft picks and save some money. While the Chiefs have gotten the lowest in sack totals from Clark.

So if anything, both parties won in the end, right? The chiefs have a Super Bowl win, and the Seahawks got some great draft picks in the draft.

Both parties won and benefited. It’s also nice to see that Clark, a former Seahawk, has a chance to win another Super Bowl on Sunday.