Greg Olsen says Russell Wilson is the ‘eraser’ of mistakes for Seahawks


Jamal Adams wasn’t the only Seahawks player who enjoyed a successful debut in Week 1. Greg Olsen quietly caught four passes for 26 yards and a touchdown in Seattle’s 38-25 win over the Falcons.

The score was a 7-yard reception in the third quarter to put the Seahawks up, 28-12. It was an impressive catch as Russell Wilson threw a missile right at his face. Olsen explained that he was a bit late getting to his spot so when he came out of his break, the ball was already on him.

“I joke that I didn’t really have much of a choice but to catch it because if I didn’t it would have probably knocked my facemask off,” Olsen joked.

The play illustrated the trust and rapport that already exists between Wilson and Olsen.

“It was a nice – for the first game to start developing some of that timing and rhythm and knowing that we’re building on that trust each and every day. We’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ve still got a lot of things to learn within the framework of the offense, but overall it was a good first start.”

And that goes for Seattle’s offense as a whole. The Seahawks posted 383 total yards, 38 points, they went 4-4 in the red zone and only saw nine third downs all game. But Olsen cautioned that the group has a long way to go.

“We by no means played flawlessly,” Olsen said. “We had some mistakes and some miscues that sometimes don’t pop out on the screen. Sometimes Russ can make some mistakes go away. He’s sort of an eraser to a degree.”


Wilson certainly is the ultimate band-aid when it comes to masking deficiencies around him. He shouldn’t have to utilize that trait as much this season given the level of talent throughout the offense.

That said, the miscues from Week 1 will be much more costly against Bill Belichick’s defense in Week 2. The Patriots pose a far greater challenge than what the Seahawks saw in Atlanta. Given the standout corner duo of JC Jackson and Stephon Gillmore, it may be a busy day for Olsen on “Sunday Night Football.”