Greg Olsen says Russell Wilson & Seahawks are at an uncertain crossroads


Greg Olsen came to the Seattle Seahawks for a chance to play with Russell Wilson. And now, he's offering some insight on the potential issues that the Wilson and the Seahawks are facing as they work through some recent tension.

As Olsen discussed in a recent appearance on The Colin Cowherd Podcast, Wilson is focused now more than ever on winning titles. And it has to happen soon if he wants to be recognized as one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks. But will the Seahawks let that happen?

"Russ knows that if he wants to enter into that category that I believe he is already in, he needs to win more Super Bowls. And he needs to now," Olsen said. "It’s not the Legion of Boom. it’s not the days of old where now he wants that weight on his shoulders, he wants it to be an offensively driven philosophy and team.

Are they willing to allow him to operate the Seattle Seahawks in that manner? I think that’s the crossroads they’re at right now. After being there a year, I’m not exactly sure which path they take.

Greg Olsen, via The Colin Cowherd Podcast

Throughout much of his tenure with the Seahawks, Pete Carroll has preferred to run a more ground-dominant, physical offense to wear opponents down. That's why the team has ranked 20th or lower in pass attempts per game in eight of his nine NFL seasons. And in four of those campaigns, Wilson's Seahawks ranked dead last in the league in pass attempts.

As such, it is hard to imagine Carroll giving Wilson the go-ahead to run an aggressive offense. They did try that during the first half of the 2020 campaign, but after some losses slowed them down, Carroll wanted to change back. That led to a meeting during which Wilson reportedly stormed out of the room, and is key in the rumored tension between Wilson and the Seahawks.


Olsen, for one, thinks that Wilson's opinion about this matter is all centered around one thing: He wants to win. He wants to help carry the Seahawks to another title, but they need to play to his strengths to do that.

"He’s the most professional, high-level guy maybe I’ve ever been a part of regardless of position," Olsen said. "But his legacy matters to him, and I don’t blame him. He’s a one-time, Super Bowl champ, one-time Super Bowl loser.

"That matters to him. He wants to win three, four, multiple Super Bowls, and he wants it to be on his back because that’s the type of competitor that he is. Will the Seattle Seahawks ever just say, ‘here are the keys, go win us the Super Bowl offensively.’ I’m not sure."

We'll soon see what happens, but something has got to give between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks if they want this marriage to continue.