Hall of Famer Michael Irvin says Russell Wilson ‘wants Dak’s chair’


Russell Wilson has been in the news recently for a lot of the wrong reasons when it comes to his relationship with the Seahawks organization as a whole.

He has been getting hit way too much over his nine-year career in the NFL and he wants the organization to focus on improving the offensive line.

Although he has not demanded a trade from the team, he did list four teams that he would want to be if a trade were to happen:

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The Saints, Bears, Raiders, and the Cowboys.

And according to one NFL Hall of Famers, Wilson is coming for the Cowboys starting quarterback spot.

At the moment, starting quarterback Dan Prescott's future with the team is still unclear at the moment.

He will be heading toward free agency, but the Cowboys are looking to grab him long-term. If they can’t, then they can franchise tag him once again.

But Hall of Famer Michael Irvin gave a very blunt reaction about Wilson and his trade destinations that he set for the Seahawks.

"Quarterbacks suddenly have the power to leave a team,'' says Irvin, "But that also means they have the power to come to a team.

 Russell Wilson wants Dak's chair

Michael Irvin

Wilson listing the Cowboys can be for a lot of different reasons. His wife, Ciara, is from there, and the national level and exposure the team has can further grow his self-brand to the next level.


Will it happen this year? Probably not.

But it will be interesting to see what the Cowboys decide to do with Prescott this offseason, and what they try to do to bring Wilson into Dallas sometime next season.