Here are the four Seahawk plays that made the NFL’s ‘Top 100 catches of 2020’


With the NFL season wrapping up just two weeks ago, this is usually the time where the ‘Top plays’ of the entire year start popping up.

On Friday, the NFL released its Top 100 catches of the season, with playoffs and interceptions included.

And in that video, there were exactly four Seahawks plays from this year that made the list.

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Three of those catches were actually from wide receiver Tyler Lockett, who made some incredible plays this year against the Arizona Cardinals.

The first, coming in at #90, was his touchdown in Week 11. His next catch was ranked at #49, where he made a diving one-handed grab in Week 7.

In that same game, Lockett caught a toe-tapping touchdown that landed at #43 on the list.

Coming in at #12 for the Seahawks was actually a fitting one.

It is the play against the New England Patriots in Week 2 where Russell Wilson round David Moore for a very tight windowed touchdown.

The catch probability was at 6.3%.

I will go ahead and spoil the No.1 catch for you, which is the obvious DeAndre Hopkins Hail Mary catch against the Buffalo Bills.

There should be no debate on that honestly.

If you want to watch the full video on all the catches made this year, you can head here to watch them all.