Here is who the Seattle Seahawks will play in the 2021 regular season


The Seattle Seahawks closed out the 2020 regular season with a 26-23 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

With the regular finally over for this year, it officially means we get to know who the Seahawks will be facing in 2021.

Next season’s opponents were basically already set in stone, but after Washington’s win in the NFC East on Sunday, they now know who they will play on the road.

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Seahawks will travel to Washington next season, which is the second straight year playing in DC.

Seattle will also play the leaders of the AFC South and NFC North and NFC South in 2021, New Orleans will be coming to Seattle next season.

The team will also travel to Indianapolis and Houston for the first time since the 2013 season, and they will host Tennessee and Jacksonville.

NFC North teams Detroit and Chicago will come to the northwest next season, while the Seahawks will play at Green Bay and Minnesota.

Here are the Seahawks 2021 Opponents: 


Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans New Orleans Saints


Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Washington Football Team