Here's what Russell Wilson got the Seahawks offensive line for Christmas


What do you get for someone who is basically trying to save your life and prevent you from getting steamrolled every 40 seconds?

That's the question Russell Wilson has to answer every year when thinking about what to get his offensive line.

Last year, Russ hooked his line up with a piece of LV luggage that can retail for $2,800 to $4,000, but some go as high as nearly $6,000 a piece!

After Wilson signed his $140 million extension, he purchased $12,000 worth of stock in Amazon for each of the 13 members of the Seahawks offensive line.

So, how did he thank the big men up front this season? 

Duane Brown/Instagram

Electric scooters!!! 

Now these are sweet!

Personalized by number, these ape hanger style scooters are rigged with lights and fat tires to handle the load of 300+ pound lineman. 

Online, these retail from $1,500 to well over $2k, but chances are Wilson splurged for all the tricked out features. 

Hopefully they came with helmets. 

He may be DangeRuss, but he doesn't want his linemen to be dangerous.