How Aaron Jones re-signing with Packers affects Chris Carson, Seahawks talks


NFL free agency has started, unofficially, and the first big free agent to leave the market hit the news cycle.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Packers were going to re-sign running back Aaron Jones to a four-year, $48 million contract with a $13 million signing bonus.

While $48M is a haul, Schefter also reported that Jones could have gotten more money from going into free agency, but decided he wanted to stay in Green Bay.

With Jones out of free agency talk as the talk running back, all eyes are now set towards Seahawks running back Chris Carson, making him the top running back on the board in NFL free agency.

Yes, the value of running back has gone down over the years, and Jones giving a hometown discount doesn't help, but Carson still brings physicality and cutting ability that helps him stand out from the rest.

In his first four years in Seattle, Carson averaged 4.6 yards per carry for a total of 3,270 yards and 21 touchdowns just from the ground.

In passing, Carson had 775 yards with seven touchdowns.

When you compare the numbers from Jones and Carson, they are not really that far apart from one another.

The main issue with Carson would have to be with his recent injury history. That might be the only thing stopping him from getting the same amount as Jones in a new deal.

If Carson can stay healthy, he is easily one of the best running backs in the NFL.


But will he be with the Seattle Seahawks this year? It is looking more and more like he might be departing for a new team this year.

Will Carson cut the Seahawks a break?

Seattle has about $17.1 million in cap space at the moment, and they have other issues to tackle first in regards to the offensive line.

No matter how good Carson is, Seattle doesn’t seem to have the money to pay him what he is really worth.

For Carson, especially after the Jones news, he should be expecting a huge payday coming his way.

Teams are allowed to start reaching out to teams starting Tuesday at 1pm. before making a serious move on Wednesday.

Seahawks fans should prepare themselves for Carson to potentially head off to another team to get paid the money that he is worth.