How Bobby Wagner played a pivotal role in the Seahawks goal-line stand vs. Cam Newton


L.J. Collier was the player credited with the tackle. Lano Hill blew up the fullback to make the play possible. Those two guys are getting well-deserved love for the role they played in the Seahawks goal-line stand against Cam Newton and the Patriots to secure a win in Week 2.

But Bobby Wagner also had a hand in foiling New England's final play. His impact came before the snap, telling his defense that Newton was going to keep it himself and run left. It was a play the Patriots had run previously during the game with great success.

It was a worthy gamble to assume that New England would trust their bread and butter to work one final time.

"Bobby came to us before that and said they were going to run the same play and that we were going to slant on it," Collier said. "I really just followed my captain and went with him and you see we came up with a big-time play."

The Seahawks sold out and it paid off as the defensive line got immediate penetration off of the snap. But as former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz pointed out, Wagner's backside pressure was a catalyst for the Seahawks game-saving stop.

Wagner finished the game with eight tackles and one quarterback hit, but his role on the final snap of the game proved to be his most crucial contribution.