How will Seattle Seahawks new OC Shane Waldron fit in with Russell Wilson?


On Tuesday, the Seattle Seahawks added a new coach to fill the vacant offensive coordinator position that was once held by Brian Shotteheimer.

Former Rams passing game coordinator Shane Waldron is the new man in charge, according to ESPN’s Adam Adam Schefter on Tuesday.

It is safe to say the head coach Pete Carroll has found the man he is looking for. In essence, Waldron bring the same McVay offense philosophy to the Seahawks.

McVay leads heavy on the run game but also has a balanced passing attack that is exactly what Carroll is looking for.

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During Waldron's four seasons on the Rams' offensive staff, the franchise finished in the top five for scoring twice, including boasting the NFL's most potent offense in 2017. 

The offense also finished in the top 10 in passing yards three times and ranked in the top 10 in rushing yards during three of those seasons.

Carroll has found his man and he is happy, but is their face of the franchise Russell Wilson happy about this hire?

Wilson hasn’t made a statement about the hire just yet ( he is still on vacation, I believe) but I will say this in his behalf.

Wilson should be more than excited about Waldron coming to the Seahawks.

Why? Let me explain.

Wilson’s biggest issue last season was not having enough time to let the play develop before being sacked. He was sacked 48 times in 16 regular-season games - tied for third-most sacks in the NFL.


With Waldron calling the plays, Wilson can at least expect to be hit a lot less than what he is used too.

If you have watched any film of how the Rams offense runs, they usually make it a case and point to have varying looks in the run game while getting off short and intermediate passes in some play-action.

Which means a lot of bootlegs and rollouts, which is a strength of Wilson’s. Oh, and also results in fewer sacks for him in the long run.

Last season, Goff was sacked a total of 23 times.

Wilson has also been looking for the offense to have more tempo, which is exactly what Waldron will bring to the table.

With Wilson being able to control the line of scrimmage and adjust accordingly to what the defenses are bringing, the sky is the limit for what he wants to do and how fast he wants to do it.

Seahawks fans should be excited by this hire. Yes, there were a lot of names on the list for the job, but the Seahawks made sure they have the right guy at the helm of the offense.

Seattle wants to win and they want to win now. If Wilson can get behind what Waldron wants and get more of a balanced offensive attack, the Seahawks could make it back to the top where they know they belong.