If Russell Wilson restructures Seahawks contract, it would shut down trade talks


The tension between the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson has become very shaky over the past few weeks.

Some headlines go as far as saying Wilson might be traded before the start of this upcoming season because it has gotten so bad.

All of this, of course, is speculation, at the end of the day. 

Wilson is still with the Seahawks, and the Seahawks haven’t indicated that they are going to trade him, as of now.

However, if the Seahawks did want to put all this to bed about trade talks surrounding Wilson, there is something that they can do to stop all this talk.

Gregg Bell from the Tacoma News Tribune noted in his recent article that the Seahawks do have the contractual right to restructure his contract in order to create more cap space for the team.

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It is not uncommon for players and organizations to restructure the contract. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes both restructure their contracts this offseason in order to have more freedom for the organization to go out and get the help they need with more cap room.

It makes sense, and the Seahawks should make the move.

And quickly.


Wilson has a $19 million salary this year and will have another $13 million flowing from his 2019 signing bonus of $65 million.

The Seahawks could reduce his salary to $1.075 million and shift the remaining $17.925 million to a signing bonus.

So, they would speed the signing bonus over three years, and Wilson’s 2021 cap number would go from $32 million to $20.05 million.

The Seahawks currently have $21 million under the cap this year, and by restructuring his contract it would ultimately mean that they are not going to trade him this season.

Now next season? That might be a different story.

Wilson said he wants to get hit less. This might help him get that help.

If the Seahawks want to stop all this talk about a Wilson trade and get the team focused on this coming season, a move like this needs to be made soon.