Clowney's potential return to Seahawks? ‘Always competing’ Carroll says


Well, here we are. Seahawks training camp has officially come to a close, and we still don’t have a resolution to the Jadeveon Clowney saga.

Where he ends up is anyone’s best guess (assuming he plays at all), but there’s no denying that a return to Seattle still makes sense for the prized pass rusher. The Seahawks need him, especially with Darrell Taylor destined to start the season on NFI.

Dianna Russini reported on Thursday that the Saints and Titans are heavily in the mix, with the expectation that Clowney picks a destination in the coming days. That could just be a leverage play from Clowney's camp and doesn't necessarily mean Seattle is out.

It would be somewhat poetic for Clowney to sign back in Seattle this weekend. That would mark the one-year anniversary (in terms of the NFL calendar) of when the Seahawks acquired him via trade from the Houston Texans. That blockbuster deal turned cut day upside down. Such a move would have a similar shock value this year, too.

Pete Carroll was asked about Clowney on Thursday.

“Are you guys still in contact with Jadeveon Clowney at all? Is the door still open on him?” was the exact wording of the question.

“Always competing. Always competing,” Carroll responded, letting out a wry smile.

Now, it’s important to note that Carroll likes to have fun with these sorts of things. He’s not afraid to stir the pot and generate buzz.

There was another example of this from Thursday’s press conference. Carroll was asked about why the Seahawks signed Josh Gordon on Thursday rather than before camp started. Even though Gordon is suspended indefinitely, he still could have participated in camp.


The suggestion, of course, is that the Seahawks might have been given an indication that Gordon would be reinstated in the near future.

“Whoa. Do you think there’s a little backstory here, huh?” Carroll said playfully with the same wry smile.

Back to Clowney, Carroll’s vague comments could mean that Seattle is in active talks with him. It could also mean absolutely nothing. But it is relevant that the Seahawks added pass rusher Damontre Moore on Thursday. By the sounds of it, Moore will be on the active roster in Week 1.

“He really has a chance to help us right now,” Carroll said. “Without Darrell Taylor for a little bit longer, we needed another guy in the rotation. Damontre has always impressed me with his effort and his chase of the football. He’s got a great motor.”

Seattle wasn’t planning on needing Moore. Taylor’s extended absence has forced the Seahawks to call an audible on their plans along the defensive line. So while the team had to move forward and conduct other business when original efforts to sign Clowney were unsuccessful, the Seahawks certainly have ample reason to make another push.

The Seahawks have just under $15 million in cap space. Much of that is set aside for practice squad players and injury replacements. But there are ways for the team to create space this weekend. Cutting David Moore would save $2.1 million. Cutting Jacob Hollister would save $3.26 million.

This is all to say that you should keep tabs on the Seahawks while you’re out enjoying your holiday weekend, because they might just have another Clowney-sized. Labor Day surprise.