Jamal Adams calls Seahawks WR DK Metcalf the ‘new era Megatron’


Jamal Adams and DK Metcalf have a lot in common. They are both bad dudes on the football field.

When Adams isn’t blitzing early and often off the edge and blowing up explosive plays, he’s admiring one of his Seattle Seahawks teammates DK Metcalf.

The All-Pro safety showed love to Metcalf on Tuesday as the second-year wideout continues to gain praise as one of the most dangerous wide receivers in the NFL.

Metcalf wreaks havoc among opposing defenses and is en route to scorch the Seahawks record books for the most productive season by a pass-catcher. As the Minnesota Vikings witnessed on Sunday, he’s absolutely brilliant during clutch time.

Adams recognizes greatness when he sees it and compared Metcalf to one of the most legendary characters in the action-packed blockbuster Transformers.

“DK @dkm14 is the new era Megatron,” Adams said. “I’m not arguing with anybody. Have a great Tuesday!”

He’s not wrong.

Like Megatron, DK has no weaknesses (besides the three-cone drill). He’s a physical specimen with chiseled abs, a hulking wingspan, and superfreak speed. The 22-year-old also showcases his weapon mastery whether it’s in the red zone or torching opposing secondaries. 

But is he more Optimus Prime than Megatron? Seahawks Twitter had some thoughts.  

If you ask Adams, Metcalf's simply “in his own lane.”

Metcalf wants to be the best in the NFL and he’s proven to be a part of the Seahawks early-season success. Through five games, the second-year wide receiver has 496 yards and five touchdowns.


“Big brother,” Russell Wilson, who taught Metcalf how to swim in San Diego over the summer, knows his potential is unlimited.  

“He’s the best in the world at what he does,” Wilson said. “He’s continued to evolve into one of the best receivers in the game. Not to be shy about it, I think he is one of the top receivers in the game. He can do it all — he can run by you, he can jump over you, he can get physical with you... He just approaches the game the right way.”

Together, Wilson and Metcalf could become one of the most prolific QB/WR duos in NFL history. Metcalf is on pace to record over 1,600 receiving yards on just 64 receptions, and the rest of the league is officially on notice.