Jamal Adams holds fist high, honors Trayvon Martin in Seahawks debut


The Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons, as well as several other teams in the NFL, all displayed some type of support in the fight against social injustice, racism, and police brutality during the national anthem and before the game.

For Seattle, many players kneeled, stood with one another, stayed inside the locker room, or sat down during the national anthem. 

Seahawks safety Jamal Adams decided to express himself by raising a fist during the national anthem. He was the only player to do so.

After the game, Adams detailed why he ultimately made that decision to raise his fist.

“I kind of went back and forth with it,” Adams said in his postgame interview. “I wanted to not only stand strong, I wanted to show that I am a Black man and I am proud to be Black. That is kind of what I wanted to show, with my fist held high.”

With his fist held high before the game, Adams also raised awareness of police brutality and its victims by having the name Trayvon Martin on his helmet decal.

Adams' reasoning as to why he chose Trayvon Martin to be on his helmet decal comes from the heart. He believes that change is finally starting to be made in America.

I wanted to represent him as a black man in knowing that this is the start of change and we are going to continue to fight as black men, as one, and that is what we are going to continue to do.

Jamal Adams

The Seahawks took Week 1 against the Falcons 38-25, but both teams won in terms of spreading the right message on a national level and having the freedom to do so.


The NFL season is officially here and the league is doing its part in listening to how NFL players want to express themselves in matters that need change. Count on the Seahawks to continue making an impact.