Jarran Reed anticipates sticking with Seahawks, expects team to be better in 2021


Jarran Reed knows the Seahawks were capable of more in 2020. He, like the rest of the players on the team, wasn’t satisfied with Seattle’s 12-4 record and NFC West Championship due to the disappointing Wild Card Round loss to the Rams.

“It was incomplete,” Reed said of Seattle’s season on the latest Talkin’ Seahawks Podcast. “It was great to win the NFC West like we did my rookie year, but of course the ultimate goal at the end of the day is to compete for a Super Bowl.”

It’s hard to justify silver linings in a year in which the team regressed from the season prior, but the improvements defensively remain notable. The Seahawks were on pace to give up more yards in a single season than any team in NFL history.

Then things shifted dramatically at the midway point. The health of Jamal Adams and the arrival of Carlos Dunlap were undoubtedly catalysts for the shift. However, Reed and others are deserving of credit as well.

Reed finished the season with 6.5 sacks, but 5.5 of them came over the team’s final nine games. He added 2.0 sacks against the Rams in the playoffs.

“We started to gel together,” Reed said of the defense’s turnaround. “We started to play off each other. It took time when you bring bits and pieces in, you’ve got to correlate with each other. It ended up workout out perfectly, getting going. So many people were down on us, but we knew the kind of defense we had. It started to show.”


Now he’s back in Atlanta where he’ll spend most of his offseason. He’ll return to Seattle just prior to when players are due to return to Seahawks headquarters (whether that be for the offseason program or training camp). When he’s in the Pacific Northwest, he trains with some of his teammates at Ford Sports Performance in Bellevue.

“You’ve got to give your body and your mind time to unwind a little bit,” Reed said. “At the same time, you’ve got to stay in shape and stay on top of your techniques and everything.”

Reed still has one year left on his contract at $13.975 million. He acknowledged the possibility that he could potentially be a cap casualty, though unlikely. With the salary cap dipping to around $180 million in 2021, Seattle might get desperate in order to fill other voids on the roster. Cutting Reed would result in $5 million in dead money.

That situation seems unlikely, especially given how well Reed played down the stretch, but it’s an outcome Reed has to be prepared for.

“Who knows. I want to be here long-term for sure,” Reed said. “I just control what I can control, and everything will work itself out. I’ve been a Seahawks my whole career, and that’s how I want it to stay.”

As the conversation on the podcast concluded, Reed gave a shoutout to Seahawks fans who are understandably frustrated following the conclusion of the season.

“Stay believing. Never lose hope,” Reed said. “We’re working hard. We’re getting it together. We’re gelling. We are always a step or a play apart. It’s not like we’re getting our butts kicked cause we’re actually doing pretty good. Fans, stay true to who you are. If you question us, I pray for you. We still love you, and we still want you to support us, and we’re going to get it handled. I think this year is going to be a really good year. We’re going to bounce back and keep rolling. This defense is going to keep rolling for sure.”