J.J. Watt joining the NFC West has everyone worried about Russell Wilson and his safety


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, as of recent, has not been a happy camper with what is going on in Seattle.

His main complaint has been he has been getting hit way too much over his nine-year career in the NFL and he wants the organization to focus on improving the offensive line.

Well, Wilson may need to keep being in Seattle’s ear about improving that area because one NFC West team has improved on the defensive side.

On Monday, J.J. Watt made his announcement that he will be going the Arizona Cardinals.

With Watt signing with the Cardinals, the immediate focus shifted right to Seattle and their quarterback.

Basically saying that Wilson is going to be facing another stud pass-rusher, and he is going to need help fast.

Some reactions on Twitter looked something like this:

Even Cardinals own Chandler Jones tweeted out his prayers for Wilson, saying that he does indeed feel bad about what is to come this next season.

In recent years, the Seahawks have not focused much on getting offensive line help during the offseason.

Now? It might be time for Seattle to invest in some offensive line talent.

For their sake and the sake of making sure their face of the franchise is happy and healthy this coming season.